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A subscriber suggested this experiment that most people can do to see for themselves the efficacy of the face coverings being suggested.

Hi Adrian,

Every time I leave the house to go to an appointment, the grocery store, or even to go for a walk, it amazes me to see everyone quietly and obediently doing as they’ve been told (wear their masks, practice social distancing, etc). In fact, I’m beginning to lose hope in humanity because the vast majority of people do not so much as question the official narrative. It’s as if they’re under some sort of hypnotic spell, and perhaps they are (5G, digital TV, etc). That said, I’ve spent more hours than I care to admit researching this plandemic and I believe I’ve found solid evidence proving this whole thing is a fraud. I’ve tried to warn family and friends, but despite my efforts, very few even bother to read the information I send them. It’s worth mentioning that I rarely forward these types of things to family and friends without first, checking and cross checking sources, and/or verifying the information is indeed credible and accurate. I suppose most people prefer to have the lies and propaganda spoon fed to them by their favourite MSM personalities vs investing a few hours actually reading and thinking for themselves. Then it occurred to me, perhaps people are simply overwhelmed because they don’t understand the information. In fact, most of the “smoking gun” evidence (IMHO) I found comes from scientific studies that is often complex and difficult to understand. With this in mind, I devised a simple experiment that anyone can do at home (please recommend this experiment to your viewers) to prove, in less than five minutes, face masks are useless for stopping virus size particles.

First, gather the following items:
1.) Four cigarettes, or even a cigar.
2.) Face mask – anything will work (N95, Surgical mask, cloth mask, whatever)

Experiment #1, steps:
1.) Put on your face mask of choice (put on two or three of them at once if you wish).
2.) Light the four cigarettes, place them in an ashtray, and then stand face down directly above the rising smoke.
3.) Inhale deeply as the rising smoke touches and is deflected by your mask.
Can you smell the smoke?

Experiment #2, steps: (you’ll need a friend that’s a smoker for this one)
1.) Put on your face mask of choice (put on two or three of them at once if you wish).
2.) Have your friend take as big of a drag on the cigarette as possible (filling their lungs with smoke).
3.) Next have your friend quickly put on their face mask of choice. Then after holding the smoke in their lungs for 5-8 seconds, have your friend exhale the smoke through their mask.
Can you see the smoke?

The CMD (Count Median Diameter) of tobacco smoke particles according to https://aaqr.org/articles/aaqr-12-02-… are approx 190 nm, which is 65 nm LARGER than a Coronavirus (which is approx 125 nm). Therefore, if you can smell the tobacco smoke in Experiment #1, and if you can see smoke escaping the mask of your smoker friend in experiment #2, you now have empirical evidence that proves face masks cannot stop particles with an average diameter of 190 nm. This simply means the diameter of the pores in the face mask are larger than 190 nm. In fact (based on a scientific study) the average pore size of a surgical mask is 300,000 nm. That’s right, the diameter of the pores on a surgical mask are 2,400 times larger than a coronavirus!

Not only is this a super easy experiment that anyone can perform, but it provides tangible evidence for anyone that refuses to read or has difficulty understanding the scientific papers/studies.As always please do your own research, thinking and draw your own conclusions.

If this resonates with you and you feel, as I do, that it is worth sharing please share as far and as wide as you see fit.

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