On 4 June 2020, the UK was proud to host the Global Vaccine Summit, bringing together leaders from governments, foundations, the private sector and civil society.

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Global Vaccine Summit Livestream

On 4 June, the UK Prime Minister hosted the Global Vaccine Summit, bringing together leaders from around the world at a virtual event to pledge their support to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

The summit aimed to raise at least US$7.4 billion to help Gavi protect a further 300 million more children against infectious diseases like measles, typhoid and polio and save up to 8 million lives over the next five years.

As hosts, the UK is continuing its global leadership on tackling preventable deaths and stopping the spread of coronavirus.

The UK is proud to be Gavi’s leading donor. In April 2020, the International Development Secretary pledged the equivalent of £330 million a year over the next five years from the UK aid budget to protect 75 million children from preventable diseases.

We are now calling on other governments to step up, follow our lead and make commitments to fully fund Gavi’s vital mission for the next five years.

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