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UK Entrepreneur fed up with the increasing Govt control being exerted.


Just to let you all know that the appeal documents (grounds of appeal and skeleton arguments) are up on the site. Bottom of the page.

Well worth a read…

High Court Decision

Disappointed beyond measure to let you know that we have received the High Court ruling and the Judge has disallowed our case – essentially this means we have no recourse to the law.

We have published the full decision on the website. Please do read through this as you will see just how lightly and with complete disdain the Judiciary have dismissed the enormous amount of evidence we provided.

We are currently considering an Appeal.

I want to say a personal and very heartfelt thank you to all of you. It has meant the world to stand alongside so many people who believe like I do that Britain should remain a free country.

We will continue the fight – either in Court of via other means. Please do consider signing up to

We may have lost this battle but the war is very much just beginning.

Breaking News

After our day in Court yesterday, the Govt have scrapped the existing Regs and tonight replaced them with much less restrictive ones. However, they are not fully scrapped and the threat of reimposition remains so we continue to fight for full Judicial Review

Our legal team will be analysing the new Regs over the weekend. We will come back on Monday with full details as to what restrictions remain.

High Court – Day 1

Just a quick update. Our skeleton case was heard today at the High Court with our barristers laying out our arguments and the Govt’s barristers countering.

The Judge, who described the case as “extremely important” has reserved judgement and will deliver his verdict early next week. This verdict will determine whether we can move forward to the full hearing which would likely be very soon after.

We are feeling quietly confident.

Thank you again for all your support. For a full rundown of the days events, you can follow me on Twitter (@simondolan) where you will be able to see the various points made throughout the hearing

Appeal announcement

I am reigniting our lockdown battle with the Government by launching an appeal against the decision denying us permission to bring a Judicial Review over the measures.

Our Judicial Review attempt was rebuffed by Mr Justice Lewis in a swiftly delivered decision, following an all-day hearing on July 2.

But after consulting with the legal team, I am now appealing the ruling.

I feel passionately about the rights which lockdown has taken away from everyone and that is why I am appealing.  It cannot be right that the power to take away livelihoods, damage businesses and remove basic freedoms can be exercised by a Government Minister, with no adequate checks or balances.

I feel the judgment did not engage with, or consider on any analytical level, the vital issues – issues that affect tens of millions of people – that we set out in the case.

Neither do I feel the judgment engaged on an appropriate level with the 100s of pages of evidence the legal team put together. It appears incredibly out of touch with the devastating consequences on society.

The judge suggested the impact on family life was modest as loved-ones could catch up on video calls.

This is a statement which will not sit well with the millions of families who have been unable to visit elderly relatives and those in care homes.

Only this week we have read how this lack of contact is feared to have accelerated dementia in sufferers, with it being reported that experts suspect many indirect COVID 19 deaths in care homes were due to lack of contact with loved ones and carers, causing dementia patients to deteriorate.

We also now know there has been no consistency on political gatherings, which are effectively banned under lockdown. Piers Corbyn, who is a 73-year-old man, will face court in October, just for exercising his rights of free speech at Speaker’s Corner. Yet 1000s of people who have marched on various causes – including BLM – have not faced the same measures.

Lockdown is not over. Even now, the Government’s “guidance” on what people can or cannot do is at odds with the laws they have enacted. It is so confusing that many even mainstream media have misreported what the restrictions actually are. We are seeing the appalling effects of the Government decisions every day. Life in the UK could be changed forever if we do not act.

The Government’s barrister argued that our case was now “academic” due to the recent easing of restrictions.

But the lockdown in Leicester – and any other city which is sent down the same path whenever the Government so chooses – shows that is plainly not the case.

I believe lockdown should never be allowed to happen again and that – and the support of nearly 7,000 people who have backed my campaign – also drives this appeal.

Papers formally requesting the appeal will be lodged at the High Court on Monday.

My name is Simon, and together with a few other like-minded souls, we are launching a legal challenge against the UK Govt Lockdown.

We believe that the Govt has acted illegally and disproportionately over the COVID 19 lockdown and we are taking action.  

By forcing people to stay at home, and forcing businesses to close, they are, we believe, in contravention of basic Human Rights offered under English Law, that of the right to enjoy your property peacefully.

We can’t do this without you and urgently need your support. We’re going up against the government, so please contribute to our legal action now and most importantly share this page with your friends, family and on social media.

The lockdown has and will lead to devastating economic impact (massive unemployment, tax increases, closure of businesses, reduced tax receipts etc) It has, and will lead to far more deaths from suicide, undiagnosed conditions, untreated conditions – indeed far more than would have been potentially saved by the lockdown.

What we wish to achieve in bringing this case, is simply the freedom of individuals – the freedom to visit friends, freedom to earn a living, to socialise, in essence, the freedom of choice. That, of course, includes the freedom to stay inside – should you choose.

How much are we raising and why?

Our first step is to raise a Letter Before Action which sets out in detail our case and will give the Govt a short period in which to respond. Once the deadline has passed, we will commence the Judicial review process.

Review our Letter Before Action by clicking here

Initially, we need to raise £30,000 to perform the initial work in this case but we will then need to go on to raise over £125,000 to take this case through to completion and truly hold the government to account. All funds will be transferred directly to our legal team to fund the action. We will, of course, keep you informed of our progress throughout the process.

Thank you for supporting this critically important case during this unprecedented crisis for our country.

Further correspondence: 

Letter to Wedlake Bell from the Government.  

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Claim documents

Statement of grounds

Evidence in support

Correspondence 29 May -1 June

Government’s summary grounds of defence

Supplementary statement of grounds & permission document

Government’s skeleton argument

Further claimants’ evidence

Letter to Government

Judgment of Lewis J  dated 6 July 2020

Quarantine Law

Letter to Priti Patel

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