As I wrote of Simon Dolan’s legal challenge to the Lockdown in WORLDS ENDS: Coronavirus, Frankenstein and Other Monsters, Chapter 9 Anarchy in The UK: “This is one of the most important legal documents to have been written this century.”

The guilty men who lied and lied and lied again to Britain

The release of the SAGE Minutes today, under pressure from Simon Dolan’s legal case, has proved these words prophetic.

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In WORLDS ENDS: Coronavirus, Frankenstein and Other Monsters, Chapter 3 In The Know, you can read the story, assembled from pieces of the jigsaw. Including the pieces still censored by a manipulative, malevolent hand: but leaving tell-tale spaces.

Now the world can see why The Liars were so desperate to keep the SAGE Minutes under wraps.


When he said in his TV speech of 23 March:

From this evening I must give the British people a very simple instruction – you must stay at home.

Because the critical thing we must do is stop the disease spreading between households.

We now know from the SAGE Minutes that Johnson lied.

13 March SAGE Minutes

2. The science suggests that household isolation and social distancing of the elderly and vulnerable should be implemented soon, provided they can be done well and equitably. Individuals who may want to distance themselves should be advised how to do so.

SAGE is maintaining the consistent advice from the start of March: shield the elderly.

4. The behavioural science suggests openly explaining to the public where the greatest risks lie and what individuals can do to reduce their own risk and risk to others, even if this is ahead of measures announced by the Government – but SAGE recognises that taking individual measures may be more feasible for some than others. Greater transparency could enable personal agency, send useful signals about risk and build trust.

This is the complete opposite of Lockdown.

It is voluntary: encouraging individuals to understand risks to themselves (in 99.6% of the population: none), and to others (with proper cocooning of the over 70’s: none).

6. SAGE is keen to make the modelling and other inputs underpinning its advice available to the public and fellow scientists.

Govt UK was obviously not keen. Everything possible has been done to suppress this information. Even the science documents underlying the 2011 Plan (endorsed and re-issued on 3 March 2020) remain censored.

12. It is clear that household quarantining would lead to increased risk of others within the household becoming infected, as described in the modelling.

When Johnson said on 23 March:

Because the critical thing we must do is stop the disease spreading between households.

He was contradicting SAGE’s advice of just 10 days before.


When he said to Parliament on 16 March:

We will do the right thing at the right time, based on the best scientific advice.

We now know from the SAGE Minutes that Hancock lied.

The SAGE Meeting Minutes prove that no idea of Lockdown was ever discussed.

The idea of Lockdown was simply made up by Hancock and his Cabinet coterie.

The last meeting of SAGE before Lockdown day (23 March) was 18 March.

18 March SAGE Minutes

4. Reliable data on the health impacts of existing interventions will only be available in 2-3 weeks. This would not be in time to inform judgements on additional interventions to limit NHS pressures, which are likely to be significant within 2-3 weeks. It may be possible to collect intermediate data, and this should be a priority.

The SAGE advice was that there existed, as at 18 March, no reliable data on the health impacts of existing interventions. So no scientific advice could possibly be given so as to form any basis for recommending Lockdown 5 days later.

From 19-22 March, there are no SAGE Minutes. Because there were no SAGE meetings. The meeting room at SAGE was empty.

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Hancock lied. He was following non-existent science produced by a SAGE committee which, for the critical days before 23 March, never even met.

No science was being minuted.

There was no science to follow.

As hinted at in the SAGE Minutes for 16 and 18 March, the HMG decisions were being made elsewhere.

By people who were not following the science. By Liars such as Hancock.


When he said to Parliament on Wednesday 18 March:

I said before that if the science and the advice changed, such that keeping schools open would no longer be in the best interests of children and teachers, we would act. We are now at that stage.

We now know from the SAGE Minutes that Williamson lied.


17. While SAGE’s view remains that school closures constitutes one of the less effective single measure to reduce the epidemic peak, it may nevertheless become necessary to introduce school closures in order to push demand for critical care below NHS capacity.  However school closures could increase the risks of transmission at smaller gatherings and for more vulnerable groups as well as impacting on key workers including NHS staff.  As such it was agreed that further analysis and modelling of potential school closures was required (demand/supply, and effects on spread).

On Monday of this darkest week for Britain’s ten million children, and their parents and teachers, SAGE maintained the consistent advice that school closures are covid pointless, and self-evidently socially destructive. Indeed, SAGE was advising the school closures could increase covid risk.

SAGE concludes that further analysis and modelling is required.

TUESDAY 17 March

Education Minister Gavin Williamson duly reported SAGE’s advice, the very next day.

The government will close schools if medical and science advice tells ministers it is in the best interests of children and teachers, Gavin Williamson has said.

Tue 17th Mar 2020, 14.00

The education secretary has released a video, in which he seeks to reassure headteachers about the government’s work to support them, and thanks staff for their “ongoing cooperation at this difficult time”.

Join the dots:



The Three Stooges and their Pathetic Puppeteer

The Three Big Lies they told, to achieve the breaking of Britain

The Lockdown was always a lie. No science was followed. SAGE was not even meeting. When SAGE had met, its scientists had advised the exact opposite of what these Three Guilty Men said and did. And then Lied about. To Parliament. To the Nation. To our Children.

Is that all they lied about? What do you think?

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