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#NoNewNormal #StopSocialDistancing #Freedom #NoVacTrackAndTrace

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if you watched my other video is wearing a mask dangerous? https://youtu.be/9Na1h_UM5mQ
Then you will understand the dangers of wearing a mask.

You should be able to demonstrate this using a pulse oximeter like this one:

Blood oxygen saturation levels below 90% are considered dangerous. With the pulse oximeter false readings can occur with nail polish particularly black, brown, blue, fluorescent lighting or with sickle cell disease.

With all that said it could still prove to be a useful tool.

Oxygen saturation:

HSE (Health and Safety Executive) guidelines issued by the Government for “Respiratory Protective Equipment at Work”.
1. Section 3.65 States that the continuous wear time be less than one hour for unpowered RPE.
2. Sections 3.66-67 reinforces my previous comments about considering your employees
underlying health conditions.
3. Sections 3.71-72 & Section 7.84-86 discusses making sure that each member of staff that is required to wear RPE (face mask), undergoes a fit test.
4. Section 7.76 states that employers are responsible for implementing and managing the use of RPE, including delegating the responsibility to trained personnel to oversee proper usage and the safety of employees.
A copy of the above document to which I refer can be found on the Governments website:

Face Mask related articles:
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  2. All points – Dr Buttar Round-table Discussion with 160+ Medical Doctors (Hosted by London Real):

As always please do your own research, thinking and draw your own conclusions.

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