#NoNewNormal #StopSocialDistancing #Freedom #NoVacTrackAndTrace

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#NoNewNormal #StopSocialDistancing #Freedom #NoVacTrackAndTrace

Emergency update from the frontlines of the global scamdemic plandemic. Share this message far and wide.
The forensic nurse Rachel Celler, RN, and Nano tech executive Karl Swarz from Tokata group nanotech expose US /global bioterrorism and corona laced vaccines. Biggest lawsuit to be filed in the history of mankind.
If you are wearing a mask, you are wasting your time and suffocating yourself for nothing. N95 works for 300nm particle size and cor ona vir us is 100nm Per Karl Swarz.

CEO of Tokata nanotech group Karl Swarz exposes cor-ona laced flu shots and global bioterrorism. Author of bestseller book ONE WAY TICKET TO CRAWFORD TEXAS exposing Bush administration war on terror fraud. The plaintiff in the greatest lawsuit to be filed in the history of mankind.

Johns Hopkins Univ

Epidemic-stats.com, France website, owner shows OwO.info… one world order Check what they say about UK

This one tells the story and few know about it.
Will tell the viewers what the genome tree and map really say


this one proves entire case I am bringing down on THEM


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The Forensic nurse available for medical case review for vaccine injury by appointment only and there is a fee. The forensic nurse.org