By: Brian Weichardt

A total of 24 people who were completely healthy prior to the epidemic have died of corona, new mapping from the State Serum Institute shows

At the time of writing, Denmark has registered 565 ‘coronary deaths’.

But now, a new and comprehensive survey from the State Serum Institute shows that the corona itself is a very small percentage of this number.

A total of 24 people who, prior to the epidemic, did not suffer from a chronic disease, died of corona, the Ekstra Bladet reports.

Most of them were over 80 years old.

Seven dead under 70

Extra Bladet has also asked the Serum Institute to count how many already healthy people under 70 have died of corona so far.

The answer from the institute is seven.

However, that does not necessarily mean that the seven people have been completely healthy, says one of the researchers behind the study, a consultant at the Department of Clinical Epidemiology at Aarhus University Hospital Reimar W. Thomsen.

– We have only looked at those who have not previously been hospitalized for a chronic disorder. This does not mean that they cannot have a chronic illness. They may have had it, but at least it’s not something that has been dealt with in hospital, he says.

No people without chronic illnesses under the age of 60 have died, the statement shows, and even people up to the age of 80 have had a high survival rate if they did not already suffer from one or more chronic diseases, the conclusion reads.

200 billion deficit
Earlier this week, the Ministry of Finance announced that the corona effort has cut a gap in the Treasury of more than 200 billion kroner.

The bill is mainly due to all the relief packages that have come in the wake of the extensive shutdown of the community, which started on March 11 and has not been finalized.

Therefore, the government has also announced that the relief packages will be extended over the summer.

The mapping of coronary deaths in Denmark is the first of its kind. The Serum Institute has reviewed 9500 Danish coronary patients and the calculation was made at a time when 524 coronary deaths were recorded.

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