Russia has just released very important data which basically makes Coronavirus a fake pandemic. Moscow authorities have stated that at least 12.5% of its residents have developed antibodies to Covid-19, after taking samples from 50,000 people. It’s just the beginning of a massive survey that will see millions tested.

Moscow has a population of 12.5 million people and if 12.5% of them have antibodies, that would be 1,562,500 people already had Covid-19 and recovered without any symptoms or any treatment whatsoever. Of these, 1,934 have died. This means Covid-19 death rate is at about 0.12%, not much bigger than the ordinary A/H1N1 flu.

In fact the A/H1N1 flu is more deadly because it spreads at least 10 times faster and easier than Covid-19.

Even though A/H1N1 has a smaller death rate of about 0.04%, its much deadlier because it spreads faster and easier than Covid-19. We now know for a fact that this whole thing is a giant hoax, the biggest hoax in the history of mankind, far surpassing other past hoaxes like the 9/11 or the holocaust.

Despite having a very low death rate, Russia is now suspecting that not even all of those 1,934 Muscovites died of Covid-19 so they said that they will run autopsies to determine the exact cause of death, so expect the numbers to become even lower after they finish with the autopsies.

Here’s what Moscow’s Department of Health said:

“It’s impossible in other COVID-19 cases to name the cause of death. So, for example in over 60% of deaths the cause was clearly for different reasons such as vascular failures (such as heart attacks), stage 4 malignant diseases, leukaemia, systemic diseases which involve organ failure, and other incurable fatal diseases.”

Belarus and Sweden refused to lockdown their citizens yet their death rates have also been tiny compared to other countries like the United States which has been exposed many times for faking the numbers.

Romania has also been caught faking the numbers, even bribing their citizens to declare that their relatives died of Covid-19. While Russia did not specifically said those words that this is a “hoax” and a “fake pandemic”, this is exactly what their data is showing, we had to use that title to draw attention to a very serious problem which is of concern to everyone.

Let’s not forget that this plandemic has resulted in job loss, poverty, bankrupcies and worse of all, suicides. Who the F will be held accountable for all the young people who suicided because of muh coronavirus hoax?

Now question… what about the poisonous vaccine which is about to be rolled out, they’re saying that they want everyone forcefully vaccinated… Including the people who already had coronahoax virus and recovered and are now immune??? If yes, isn’t it clear how much of a giant hoax this whole thing is?

Additionally, there is also an Official German COVID Secret Report Leaks Denounces Virus as ‘Global False Alarm’. The document has been leaked recently, you should also read this article and share it.

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