Vittorio Sgarbi, MP (Forza Italia) slammed the closure of 60% of Italian businesses: A decision which was taken on the basis of an alleged 25,000 Coronavirus deaths. “It’s not true,” he said.
According to the National Institute of Health, 96.3% did not die of coronavirus, but of other pathologies stated Sgarbi – which means that only 925 have died from the virus and 24,075 have died of other things claimed Sgarbi, “… the virus was little more than an influenza. Don’t lie! Tell the truth!”


Do not lie. Tell the truth.

The data is fake.  96.3 % died as a result of  other diseases.

Hypocrisy and Falsification.  25,000 people died of the coronavirus, that is not true, that is a lie.

It is a way to terrorize Italians and impose a dictatorship. a dictatorship of consensus. It’s ridiculous

Italy is not the only country where figures on mortality have been manipulated.

Under different circumstances, US data is also the object of manipulation, essentially with a view to sustaining the fear campaign.


#NoNewNormal #StopTheNewNormal #SayNoToTheVaccine

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#NoNewNormal #StopTheNewNormal #SayNoToTheVaccine