The WHO, an organisation (run by a former terrorist) that is funded by and partnered with the bill and melinda gates foundation seem to think its an acceptable way for children to be educated… This is sheer madness, the world is being run by disgusting people.

By Michael W. Chapman

(CNSNews) — The World Health Organization (WHO), for which the Trump administration has halted U.S. funding pending a review, advises that in the sex education programs in Europe children age four and under be given information about “early childhood masturbation” and the “right to explore gender identities.”

In addition, for children ages four to six, the WHO recommends they be given information “about friendship and love towards people of the same sex” and “same-sex relationships,” and be guided to develop “an open, non-judgmental attitude.”

From the Sexuality Education Matrix in the WHO document, Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe. (Screenshot)

These sex education recommendations are detailed in the Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe: A framework for policy makers, educational and health authorities and specialists, published by the WHO Regional Office for Europe and BZgA in 2010.

Among its specific recommendations for children in different age groups — the sexuality education matrix — the WHO document claims that “sexual health can be attained only if all people, including young people, have access to universal sexuality education and sexual health information and services throughout their lives.”


“The fear that sexuality education might lead to more or earlier sexual activity by young people is not justified, as research results show,” according to the WHO.

Parental guidance also is limited according to the U.N. agency. “As argued,” reads the document, “parents, other family members, and other informal sources are important for learning about human relationships and sexuality, especially for younger age groups.

“However, in modern society this is often insufficient, because these informal sources themselves often lack the necessary knowledge, particularly when complex and technical information is needed (such as that pertaining to contraception or transmission modes of STI).”

From the Sexuality Education Matrix in the WHO document, Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe. (Screenshot)

“The development of sexual behaviour, feelings and cognitions begins in the womb,” according to the document.

“Children have sexual feelings even in early infancy,” states the WHO.  “Between the second and third year of their lives, they discover the physical differences between men and women. During this time children start to discover their own bodies (early childhood masturbation, self-stimulation) and they may also try to examine the bodies of their friends (playing doctor).”

To read the entire WHO document, click here.

The WHO symbol at the United Nations. (Getty Images)



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